My name is Maike, and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Besides my job as a Fine Art teacher, I started learning iOS app development.

On Fridays, you can often find me at A-Lab, collaborating with my pal Wesley and on Saturday mornings at Appsterdam Peerlab, organized by Samuel. Besides Samuel and Wesley, I have others to thank: Mark, who introduced me to A-Lab and who is always willing to help and support. Sebastian, who taught me how to make prototypes in Keynote. And Linda, who introduced me to Samuel and has supported me on my journey in many ways. I’m so grateful!

I continue to learn and plan on making more apps in the future.


Picture Proof

What I learned:

  • round label with shadow
  • pinchGesture
  • flash button
  • reverse Geocoding
  • camera function
  • dateFormatter
  • rotation
  • and much more
  • www.pictureproof.app


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