My name is Maike, and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Besides my job as a teacher Art & Design, I started learning iOS app development and making WordPress Divi Websites.

On Fridays, you can often find me at A-Lab, collaborating with Wesley, Mark & Antos and on Saturday mornings at Appsterdam Coffee Coding, which I lead with Craig Latta. I am very fortunate to have friends as smart, inspiring and helpful coders (Samuel, Wesley and Mark). Thanks guys!

I am enjoying deepening my knowledge of iOS development. I have also recently started learning a lot more about UI/UX, of which I can leverage my extensive art education and experience. 

If you need help with making your website, drop me a note.


Picture Proof

What I learned:

  • round label with shadow
  • pinchGesture
  • flash button
  • reverse Geocoding
  • camera function
  • dateFormatter
  • rotation
  • and much more
  • www.pictureproof.app


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