Quarantaine Café

The Story

So many things has changed since the corona virus:
Teaching from home / May Holiday and staying home / No King’s Day celebration
Annnnnd it’s was birthday in April… where I would at least meet up with friends and share drinks.
I was missing connection…

So what to do? Indulge in Netflix? TikTok? Insta? Decided instead to do what I most love to do, which is to create… create what I was missing, and play while learning.
I launched the Beta in April on my birthday and invited people to celebrate with me in an online cafe, called “Quarantaine Cafe”, (the site is in Dutch) where people can drop by, see and chit chat with each other, meet new friends and share your favourite music with the whole cafe…. all online.

Go to https://quarantainecafe.com/

Date: April 20, 2020
Services: UX Design, Website Development