HEMA ios app concept

I love the HEMA, the brand, the simplicity and their products.

I spent some time exploring Hema’s iOS app, and in that process I found some interesting ways in how they could improve their UX/UI Design.

This is not a total re-design from the ground up, but little touches that would make it a better experience for a user. Below is my work-in-progress. Please drop me a note to let me know what you think!


home screen

I started with adjusting the menu bar by removing ‘favorites’ and adding ‘account’. Customers always want to easily find a place to go to their account and change emails, addresses and see their previous orders, quickly and easily.

Next I looked at the opening screen in more detail. Nothing was really grabbing my attention. Since many customers love sales, I added a bright red color sales object front and center.

search screen

There were too many categories to search, so I reduced and aggregated categories to make it cleaner, more consistent with the Hema brand. For example, I combined ‘baby’ and ‘child’ in one category, ‘Kinderen’, and removed ‘feest’ and ‘cadeau’.

I also added search categories that are necessary and frequently used: ‘Sales and Promotions’ on top and moved ‘Stores’ to a much more easier to find location. If I was hired to do this UX/UI, I would arrange the categories according to metrics we would learn from some data investigation.

Voucher Screen

Asking a user to scroll horizontally to see the vouchers; they select one and then they scroll down (vertically) to read the content and go back up again. This is not user friendly.  I re-designed the screen that the scrolling is vertical. Ergonomical it’s easier to move your finger up and down, than it is from left to the right.

I also added a slight shadow around the points and the vouchers to make them “pop” a little bit more.

Account screen

In the current App, ‘Account’ is a pop-up screen and not a static screen. In the re-design, I added ‘account’ to the menu bar, and created a separate ‘Account” screen, adding much needed attributes and accessibility.


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